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What is Remoteli?

Remoteli is Africa’s fastest-growing tech-led outsourcing organisation, currently based in Accra, Ghana. We are focused on supporting both growing and established companies around the globe by offering a variety of services and business solutions. We want companies to see us as an extension of their business; through working with us companies can then expand and diversify their teams.

We pride ourselves on our people and understand the importance of excellent recruitment and training. We have partnered with some of the top universities in Ghana, including Ashesi University, one of the most prestigious universities in Africa. All of our staff are university graduates, English speaking and are developed by Remoteli to ensure they provide the very best service.

Why Choose Remoteli?

At Remoteli we understand that recruitment is important, especially for a developing business. Alongside recruitment, we understand there are many other factors to consider when partnering with an organisation to grow a business. Through working with Remoteli, there are huge potential benefits for all our clients, such as –

How Does It Work?

We aim to create a simple subscription process and have intentionally left our terms of engagement simple, without any long-term contracts or loopholes. Once you have found the service of your choice simply follow the subscription process online and you will enter into a rolling 30-day subscription service. When we are alerted of a new subscription, our management team will assign an assistant and schedule an onboarding meeting with everyone involved.

Once onboarding is complete we recommend that every client offers internal training to their assistant to ensure they have a full understanding of company culture & values as well as being fully prepared to carry out their new role. As your assistant will be fully dedicated to your company they will become completely embedded in your business, just like a regular employee.