Our clients drive us forward and constantly keep us focused on delivering excellent service. We pride ourselves on having a wide variety of clients, so when people ask, “Who is Remoteli for?” it is difficult to answer. As you’ll see, we can work with any business looking to expand, grow or pivot to something new. We have an international client roster and support companies of all sizes across various industries. Remoteli is committed to connecting with our clients and understands that their success is our success, take some time to read our client feedback below, and we look forward to hearing from you.


Remoteli was founded to connect UK-based companies with talented professionals in Africa. However, we quickly discovered that our services are required globally, now we see ourselves as an international company.

Our UK-based clients love the logistical advantages that our Ghana-based office brings. Especially that there is no compromise on timezone, as Ghana is GMT too, and our employees are all fluent English speakers. Our Europe-based clients can request a bi-lingual assistant with French, German and Spanish speakers available.

North America is a fantastic opportunity for collaboration. We already have a team working EST hours. We will continue to find creative ideas on how to connect with more clients in the USA and Canada.


Since late 2020 Remoteli has supported companies from a wide variety of industries which shows the true reach of our services. With the launch of our new Business Assistant services and our recent launch of Software Development, we honestly believe we have something to help every growing and established company.

So far, we have helped businesses from 40+ industries and continue to explore new and exciting fields. Our staff are passionate about their work and quick to learn new skills when requested to assist a client from a new industry.

Remoteli is here to help your business grow and will endeavour to help you reach your goals, regardless of your industry.


Remoteli has a proven track record of positively impacting companies of all sizes. Our services can benefit businesses in so many different ways. That is why they appeal to companies at all stages of their growth and development.

We have successfully supported entrepreneurs in their exciting start-up ventures and helped established companies expand departments economically. Remoteli has access to an incredible talent pool of young professionals who are simply waiting to join your business.

Remoteli is here to assist in the best way for your business regardless of company size. We can begin small and grow with you, or we can provide an entire team to assist in the next phase for your company.


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